The brain is critically dependent on input from the body and the other parts of the brain to maintain a sufficient level of neural activity for healthy brain function.

A decrease in the Frequency of Firing can create a condition called Trans Neural Degeneration which prevents the normal control of the more primitive brain functions.

The brain’s ability to learn is improved by increasing the frequency of firing to the specific pathways which no longer function as a result of transneuronal degeneration.

Clinically, Frequency of Firing is increased by providing Fuel and Activation in the form of pathway-specific stimulation, exercise and oxygen.

BRAIN-BASED CARE focuses on locating the specific pathways which are creating these imbalances. The Neurological Examination is designed to locate Cerebellar Imbalances first and Neocortical Imbalances as work continues.

By specifically firing the pathways with damage or deficient signals balanced function is restored.

BRAIN-BASED CARE can increase the body’s ability to heal itself by specifically diagnosing and reversing neuroplasticity impairment.

This treatment is available at our clinics. Give us a call to set up a consultation and find out if Brain-Based care is the right choice for you.